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Simply Fit Meals was started by two Texas guys that went to college together.  Inspired by good food and the need for quick fuel, they set forth to create a concept that delivered exactly that - healthy, great tasting, nutrient rich meals that were ready to eat in minutes.  Now it's time for salads and juices : )

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We’re not just good food, we’re good people. Meet us



Chris's passion for good food was born in his mom's Mexican-Italian fusion kitchen (a cool way of saying that she is a Mexican that loves everything Italian).  He has over 10 years in the health (world's leading natural grocer) and fitness (training), so Simply Fit Meals was a natural direction in this second-generation entrepreneur's life.



Patrick is a New Texican (New Mexico + Texas) that was born in the year of the Hatch Chile. He studied Hotel & Restaurant Management, but really sharpened his skills in the many industry positions he has held (hotel, casino, restaurant).  He uses those skills to help translate the company's brand into delicious edible bites.

M Group


Our M Group (mentors) is comprised of many industry legends and leaders.  Simply Fit Meals is very fortunate to have these men and women on its side to help guide the company's growth.


Flavor Cultivator

David was separated from Simply Fit Meals at birth, but knew he was always destine to find his way back home.  The company is fortunate to have him and his culinary prowess.

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